Promise Collection


Everyone has promises to keep at one point or another, regardless if they are grandeous or deemed trivial.
Hence, there are many types of promises, and much can be brought out from this concept if taken to heart.
Some can be made without much thought and acknowledgement.
Some can easily be broken, but on the possible contrary, they can be re-mended with a strong will.

Regardless of any circumstances, Ai is an acknowledgement to all promises.
It is an unconventional scrapbook holding promises from people that have held them at some point.
Whether they are and still cherished from the heart, or are simply fleeting thoughts of a temporal moment during the time of creation,
the diverse collective of the human mind is able to be shared here.
Big or small, percieved as important or not, whoever comes upon this place may decide to show and share to Ai what their promise is.

There are 62 promises shared with Ai at the moment.

Why share?

There is no real reason to - at least, in consideration for Ai itself.
Promises can most often be a personal thing. As such, promises are not similar to written contracts, being as they usually run on something deeper than a mutual agreement.
However, not all promises need to be obvious, understood, or specific.
Perhaps by leaving their promise someplace else, the lingering presence of the promise may be a motivator to fufill it.
Perhaps a visitor might not have any goal at the moment, and might decide to share a promise created in a mere spur of boredom, only to decide to keep that promise even were it simple.
Perhaps it is even the promise to make a promise that can propel people.
Lastly, Ai is a test of time to showcase the power of humanity's creativity, willpower, and hope.
It is a collection of people's thoughts across time, and as such is not only a scrapbook of papers, but dreams.
Contributing to Ai expands on the awe of people even through little numbers.

In hopefulness, Ai may assist someone passer-by in some way.
Some may encounter solace by sharing their thoughts, or feel some sort of compulsion.
It is true that promises can be broken - and while their purpose is to be kept, perhaps it is also the original idea that truly counts.
Any promise is enough, however, and hosting promises will be the very extent of this place's function.

Perhaps people will see Ai as having no real purpose. Perhaps it is so.
And perhaps the promises may be meaningless to others or even broken.
Regardless, Ai will be here to remain, and like a weary traveller stopping by an inn long ago to let out their thoughts,
others may stop here and simply share their thoughts for the sake of it.

That is Ai's goal - to collect the promises of the world's travellers, regardless of what they are in the eyes of humans.
Ai is a collection, and a tribute to mankind.
Ai is a tribute to love.

If you desire to share your promise, you may...

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